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My mission is to make cooking easy and accessible through simple, culturally inspired spice blends. The flavor is already done for you, so let your imagination set sail.


I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana where food was at the heart and soul of my city and my family. As a kid, I would sit on the countertop and watch my mom cook. She used to play this game with me where I would guess the spice based on the smell.


Fast forward to starting my career as a dietitian and private chef in OKC - I began to notice that my nutrition clients were intimidated by cooking and struggled with flavoring their meals in a healthy way. Yet, my cooking clients were loving my flavors. My secret was in my spice blends. Now, people refer to me as "the spice girl" and I feel like my story really came full circle.


At Nourished Roots Spice Co., we are dedicated to flavor without junk. That's why we don't have any salt, sugar or fillers in any of our spice blends. This line was inspired by travel and celebrating cultural cuisine. We wanted to bring the wanderlust of travel to you kitchen cabinet so you eat around the world from the comfort of your home.


This line was designed for the apprehensive cook, because the flavor is done for you. It's designed for the adventure-seeker, the one who is waiting to fill their passport, but still wants to get a taste of culture. It's designed for the on-the-goer, the one who is short on time and just needs a quick all-in-one solution to flavor.


We believe every family deserves to share a fresh, crave-able meal everyday. We believe in the joy, love and warmth of a homemade meal. We believe cooking should be an experience, not a chore. We believe in building stronger families around a kitchen table. We believe healthy doesn't mean bland. We want to inspire you to play in the kitchen and #eathomemade.

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